About me

I’m a doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Heather Harrington and Ulrike Tillmann. My research interests are in applied topology, geometry, and algebra. I was previously a research assistant working on Bayesian high-dimensional clustering under the supervision of Maria De Iorio at the National University of Singapore.

Here is my CV.

When I’m not doing math, I spend time doing things related to music or fitness (XOR, at least thus far).

Academic interests
  • Computational topology and discrete Morse theory
  • Multiparameter persistence
  • Cellular sheaves
  • Bayesian statistics
  • DPhil in Mathematics, current

    University of Oxford

  • MASt in Pure Mathematics, 2022

    University of Cambridge

  • BSc in Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Sciences, 2018

    Yale-NUS College


Morse Theory for Chromatic Delaunay Triangulations (2024). Preprint.
On a Wider Class of Prior Distributions for Graphical Models (2024). Journal of Applied Probability, 61(1).
Cohesion and Repulsion in Bayesian Distance Clustering (2023). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 119(546), 1374-1384.
Unsupervised Statistical Learning for Die Analysis in Ancient Numismatics (2021). Preprint.


  • S3.28, Mathematical Institute, Radcliffe Observatory, Andrew Wiles Building, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG